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Troop 72 wins big at the annual Klondike Derby.

On Friday February 21 members of troop 72 gathered and prepared for the upcoming Klondike derby. They assembled the necessary gear and conducted last checks on their sleds. Already an advance team had been sent up to the first station to set up a structure where the scouts could cook and hang out away from the elements.

Bears patrol with awards from the Klondike Derby

Troop 72 had been preparing for the

Klondike derby for months, eager to hold on to their trophy from the previous year. Scouts began preparing in December by freshening up on the basic scouting skills such as basic knots and general first aid skills. Scouts then organized a camp out at Camp Tahosa where members of Troop 72 conducted their own training for the Klondike derby.

For the Klondike derby the two patrols that make up Troop 72 (the Bears and the Lincolns) split up. Both patrols were placed in a division depending on the average age of the patrol. At 8:30 the competition began and the patrols set out. During the Klondike derby both patrols competed and stations tested them on first aid, pioneering skills, fire building, orienteering and team building. The patrols faced many challenges and by the end of the day they were completely exhausted.

At 6:30 pm Gathered around

Lincoln Patrol With awards from the Klondike Derby

the campfire the scouts waited to hear the results of the Derby. First went Division one awards (Youngest Scouts) then came the Division two awards. Troop 72's very own Lincoln patrol won their division with a whopping score of 106 points and Troops 72's own Bear patrol again won 1st place in division three.

All in all we had a lot of fun and learned a lot. There are definitely many things we could have done better and so we hope that next year we can do even better. We do not know what may happen at the next Klondike derby, but we will stick to the scout motto and be prepared.

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