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Colorado River Rafting Trip

In the middle of July, a group of scout families organized a rafting trip down the Green River in Utah. It was a bit of a long drive, but really amazing scenery. We all got down late but were able to set up tents and hammocks just fine. The most part of the next day was spent setting up rafts and duckies and getting gear strapped down in them. But we finally untied! With one person in each raft and the rest of the group spread out in duckies, we set off down the river. It was really cool float through canyons. We paddled around eight miles to get to our campsite. It was raining when we got there but we set up a gazebo and survived. The next morning, we got up early to pack up and get the rafts ready again. It was quicker than the day before because we had a bit more experience. We got to paddling relatively quick after that. We went through a class three rapid! It was more bumpy and a bit wetter than normal but we all made it through fine. We got to our campsite nearing night after twelve miles of paddling. The next was day, we left the rafts and a few people at our campsite while the rest of us went on to finish the last eight miles. We arrived at our destination beach, tired. We then drove our shuttle car back up to camp where we left the rafts and some of the group. We stayed there for a second night and came back to Boulder the next day. It was a very fun trip and quite a few people's first river trip!

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