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Tahosa Summer Camp

On June 22nd after packing up the troop trailer, all the scouts were taken up to Camp Tahosa. Camp Tahosa is a summer camp for Scouts about 45 minutes away from Boulder. Some scouts did Eagle Point Base Camp, [camp where you try to get different merit badges] and some did Tahosa Trek [a two day backpacking trip in the wilderness]. We set up camp. The whole camp had a welcome flag ceremony and dinner. The next day, scouts received food and had to cook it. They then went to their chosen merit badge class. The classes went on for most of the day with some breaks in between. There were four Scouts and three adults in the Trek group who all prepared to go backpacking. The next day was similar. A couple of scouts saw three moose! The Trek group left on Wednesday. Backpacking through the wilderness carrying 20 pound packs is not easy, but they managed to get to their campsite, about 4 miles away. The next day they had to hike four more miles in ten feet of snow. It was hard and took 7 hours! The last hiking day was fast and relatively easy. The group also saw another moose! Summer camp at Tahosa is always very fun and is one of the reasons for doing Scouts.

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