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Tahosa First Aid Training

Our troop spent a weekend at Camp Tahosa in late January. We all received first aid training and even earned our First Aid Merit Badge! Most scouts arrived at the lodge late in the evening. There was lots of fresh snow on the ground, which was the base of most of the fun. That night we had a surprise emergency drill in the middle of the night which kept us on our toes for the rest of the trip, although they were covered in socks most of the time. The next day was spent almost completely on the training, which was very interesting. We learned about CPR, choking, hypothermia, heatstroke, and much more! During rest breaks, the scouts went sledding on the frozen lake and played with the snow. For the food, we split up into our patrols. Scouts planned, bought, and prepared the food for everybody (We set up our own kitchens). We made a fire outside for training and fun. The scouts spent the second night camping in the snow. I, for one, was warm and slept better in the tent than the cabin. There was no first aid drill to get awoken by and there was no immense snoring (We all know who the ground-shaker was ;) For most of the next day, we went sledding. We found a long course already made with a built in jump that we eventually used to fly over multiple scouts! The scouts completed a lot of rank advancement and merit badge requirements and had tons of fun in the process! We owe a lot of thanks to our instructors, Chris and Jack and other people who helped along the way!

Scouts and adult leaders lined up behind tents with cabin in background

First Aid training.

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