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Klondike Derby Sled Competition

The boys from Scout Troop 72 left Friday afternoon for Ben Delatour Scout Ranch near Red Feather Lakes. This was the setting for the Klondike Derby Sled Competition where scout troops from all over Colorado came to compete. The different scout patrols each make their own sleds, with which they carry their gear. temperature was about 20 degrees. But we set up our tents and ate a delicious chili made by one of our scouts. The next morning we split up into two patrols for the competition, The Bears and The Trumpets, each patrol having at least one experienced scout that had been to Klondike before. The scouts loaded gear onto our two sleds. One patrol was placed in the second division and the other, the third. Divisions were determined by the average age of the patrol. Patrols were given coordinates to follow by compass to reach their cities. Cities held challenges relevant to scouting, like, First Aid, Lashing, Personal Fitness, Cooking, and Shelter Building. Twenty five was the most amount of points attainable. Every city also made sure each scout had their 10 essentials. The 10 essentials include, a map and compass, a water bottle, a pocketknife, sun protection, extra clothes, rain gear, trail food, a first aid kit, and a means of making fire. The winners of each division and the overall winning patrol were announced at the campfire afterwards. The Trumpets Patrol in division two did well with 118/125 points. The Bears Patrol in division three earned 121/125 points and won the whole competition! For a lot of scouts' first time going to Klondike, that's pretty good!

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