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James Peak Wilderness backpacking

A few families in the troop drove down to James peak wilderness this past week. It was an hour and a half long drive and we all met at the trail head. We repacked our bags so the weight was distributed and everything fit. And then we started hiking. The first hike was around 3 or 4 miles. It was pretty difficult because the whole hike was uphill. But we eventually got to Crater Lake, our campsite. We ate lunch and rested a little bit. Later, we decided to hike up to the continental divide without our backpacks. It was a lot of elevation gain. At the top of the divide, we were almost at 13,000 feet. And we could see for miles. We came back a bit late but it was a fun adventure. The next day, we left as early as we could and two more people joined our group. We hiked 3 1/2 miles to a campsite near Heart Lake, which was also mostly uphill. At camp, we hiked a very short amount to the actual Heart Lake. It was very pretty. We went to bed early that day. We woke up early the next morning and set off down the trail the same way we came up. This was by far the longest hike of the trip, being around 5 1/2 miles, but it was also downhill. It felt nice to finally reach the trail head where we started. Overall this trip was very fun and adventurous. It also introduced a lot of the troop to backpacking and might start a backpacking tradition in troop 72.

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